What's RPET?
1) RPET is a new-style friendly recycled fabric; the yarn is made-up from the wasted mineral spring bottle and Cola vase, which also called RPET fabric. This product is refuse reclamation, so it is very popular and good graces in oversea especially in developed country such as Europe and America, which widely apply in camping bag, satchel, cases lining, school bag, luggage, clothes, briefcase, fashion bag, storage box lining, drawstring bag, souvenir bag, reticule, shopping bag etc.. Cola bottle with recycle and rebirth spun to twisting spun yarn into the fabric can make each kind of products.
(2) RPET yarn can reduce the usage amount of petrolic, and the finished yarn per ton can save 6 tons petrolic, which contribute in reducing the air pollution and controlling the greenhouse effect.
(3) We can provide the relevant certificate and drop on this fabric to prove that this one is the RPET products.

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